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Users worldwide rely on LogMeIn solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh computers, smartphones and other connected devices. Our award-winning solutions are easy to try, buy and deploy from any web browser with an Internet connection. Numerous devices worldwide have connected to a LogMeIn service.
Consumers and mobile workers use LogMeIn solutions to access and back up their remote computers online. Users have multiple options for remote desktop control, including access from a Windows PC, laptop or Pocket PC; a Macintosh computer; their iPhone or iPad - and even from their Ford 150 truck - to maximize their mobility and productivity.
Businesses and IT service providers rely on LogMeIn to remotely support, manage and back up hundreds or thousands of desktops, laptops, servers, kiosks, POS machines and the applications that run on them. Cross-platform capabilities include support for Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and smartphones, including BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices.
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